So a little update:

What started as a craft pecan snack food business has slowly changed into a topical company. Long story short, I was trying to appease the Health Department by changing my recipes. I wasn't allowed to use craft beer to make reductions. Slowly I started toying around with my own technique for infusing cannabis into coconut oil naturally. The health benefits of coconut oil alone is a long list already. By adding the benefits of cannabis the result is a super effective and healthy way heal a wide array of things.

Here's a small list of some of the ailments of which my medicated magic rub is helping already.

-aches and pains
-carpal tunnel syndrome
-muscle spasms
-restless leg syndrome
-nerve damage
-hidrodentist suppurativa
-dry skin
-dog anxiety
-make-up removal
-bags under eyes be gone

Upon creating my medicated magical rub I've found myself making only this. Now I'm helping and healing with the magic of Mary Jane. Naturally and consciously.

There's many  topical companies offering cbd lotion out there but what sets my mum's nuts apart is that i start with actual cannabis flower and trim. I know the growers and source the best trim around.  Not from concentrate.  It's a natural infusion process. 

This creates a beautiful multi-purpose medicated magical rub that treats all types of ailments. From aches and pains to skin conditions.

So now that's all I'm making and offering. Three scents of medicated magical rub. I have a whole book of great testimonies so far and it's helping an array of ailments. Get yours today!